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About us

Rubix CCM helps and supports Motor Dealerships and other business sectors to increase customer footfall, retention and spend.


We achieve this through our flexibility and proactive solutions to clients ' ever changing business demands.

Whether it is Sales Campaigns, Service and MOT bookings, CSI, Mystery Shopping or Manufacturer Recalls for Dealerships or B2B and B2C campaigns in other sectors Rubix CCM can manage the calls with your customers.

You will benefit from having dedicated experienced agents working only on your account to create continuity and familiarity with your requirements.

To find out more about how we improve your revenue and enhance your customer service contact us by phone or email.

Why Rubix CCM?

At Rubix CCM you will find a dedicated team of experienced agents that work on your behalf to enhance your revenue and customer service.


Whether your requirements need one agent or multiple agents, they will be assigned to work on your account only. Thereby, creating knowledge, consistency and focus particularly to your needs.

Our office is based in Southwick, all our agents work from the office, and with the latest telephony and technology, we are able to monitor calls, call record and generate call statistics to ensure our agents deliver the quality we expect.

Experience and knowledge

Rubix CCM has a wealth of experience in a call centre and outsourcing provision so we know what we are talking about and we know how to deliver what the client wants.

Heading up Rubix CCM is Grayham Butler. With over 25 years’ experience, Grayham has led teams in operations and service delivery, covering various sectors of Automotive, ranging from insurance, motor accident management, new vehicle data, vehicle valuations, leasing and dealership support.

It is this experience and knowledge that you and your customers benefit from in terms of increased footfall, revenue and customer retention, but also in developing the customer relationship for future benefit.

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