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Customer Satisfaction


Maintaining great Customer Service ensures customer retention; don’t bother checking or ignore what your customers think at your peril!

It is great to be praised by satisfied customers and it is great to know they will reflect this to the vehicle Manufacturer, their friends and family.

Equally, it is important to know when something did not go quite right...these things happen and to know about it enables you to make amends with the customer and if required, to slightly tweak a process...after all…You don’t know what You don’t know.

Get feedback on your customer interaction

This is where Rubix CCM comes into play. Delivering an unbiased survey for Sales and Service & MOT Bookings. This is based on speaking to the customer, asking the key questions you and the manufacturer require covering, and how the customer would score their experience of those key areas.

The survey is intentionally kept to the point to maximise customer willingness to participate. Very often they ask ‘how long will it take’? The answer of no more than 2 minutes is usually acceptable as long as it is 2 minutes. Some customers have actually timed it!  

At the end of the questions, the customer should also be given the opportunity to add their own comments.

We will submit the survey data and comments back to you to review and action as required.

The customer now knows that they are valued, have had the opportunity to detail their experience of the end to end process from initial booking to the return of their car.

Rubix CCM...your voice to your customers…
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