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Does your Sales and Marketing team really have the time and resource to call your customer database?

Bulk emails or SMS advising about your special events, offers, sales campaigns and VIP closed door evenings work well if they are read and actioned by the customer. But do they generate the same level of awareness, attention, or interest as a phone conversation?

Rubix CCM generates leads and appointments from doing just that. We speak with your customers, discussing their needs and encouraging them to find out more.

Drive new and used vehicle sales

Direct contact will achieve greater interest and better results. By explaining what the event is about, encouraging them to come in and noting they are a valued customer will have a more desirable outcome.

If the customer is not able to attend an event, we can attempt to arrange an alternative date/time between your sales team and the customer.

If there is no interest in sales we will ask if their car is up to date with servicing, repairs and MOT to check if they would like to book it in. We also check and cleanse your customer’s contact details.

You only get that level of detail by talking with the customer…
Rubix CCM...your voice to your customers…
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