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Service & MOT Bookings

Let your customer-facing service agents do what they do best…serve your customers face to face.

Let Rubix CCM do what we do best…arrange those bookings for you.

Make your customer's bookings a pleasurable experience

Rubix CCM has extensive experience in arranging Service & MOT bookings. We do this through direct access to your DMS and menu pricing systems, arranging dates and times for either the customer to drop their car off, or if they want an alternative arrangement such as a While you Wait booking, Collection and Delivery or Courtesy Car.

We confirm the service & MOT pricing, making them aware of what is and is not included in the service price.

We check if there is additional work your customer needs while their car is in. This could be something they require doing or it could be something that is not part of a scheduled servicing such as Air Conditioning Service and Re-gas or maybe something that was an advisory at the last MOT.

We will work closely with your servicing and parts teams if there is anything out of the ordinary required or where specific pricing is needed.

Rubix CCM...your voice to your customers…
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