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B2B & B2C


Rubix CCM caters to all business sectors where the importance and benefits of speaking to customers is recognised.

We provide outsourced B2B & B2C customer contact solutions for your business. We promote your products and services the way it should be done…. by speaking directly to your customers.

Can you recall a special offer or a message in an email or something you saw on social media 7-10 days ago? If the answer is no, this applies to the majority of your customer base as well.

Digital marketing, emails, SMS, and social media have their place and create a fast widespread, but momentary awareness at that specific time for that specific message, but they are easily forgotten.

Speaking with your customers achieves so much more and is a lot more memorable for them.


Customer contact questions that any business needs to ask:

  1. Do we have the time to spend calling our customer database in-house?

  2. What impact would it have on the business while those calls are made?

  3. How many employees would be taken out of doing their day-to-day roles?

  4. How experienced, confident, and efficient is our team to make those calls?


If the answers to some of those questions is a concern, your business will benefit from outsourcing to Rubix CCM

  1. Let us do what we do best in making those calls for you

  2. You carry on doing what you do best in your day-to-day business operations

  3. We create a conversation to build a relationship with that potential customer on your behalf

  4. If customers are not interested now but may be interested in a few weeks or months’ time, they are more likely to remember the friendly informative conversation and act positively


We cover multiple topics, ask questions, promote your business products and services to get your customers' and prospects' interest, and encourage them to buy. We can also book an appointment, gauge their interest for future contact, and check all their contact details are up to date.


This does not happen with online contact!

Business to Business

You can promote your product ranges you want retailers to stock. Rubix CCM can make those calls for you, discuss the products and benefits, the display method, wholesale, and RRP along with any other information you need to provide.

If it is a Service that you want to promote to retailers and businesses, we can make those introduction calls to promote and encourage them to use your services.

B2B is a bespoke service that we provide and will be based on the type of product, the product range, and the retail/business sector that will determine our approach to maximizing the conversion rate. We can source contact data for relevant market sectors that are most likely to stock your products or use your services.

Business to Consumer

Who can benefit from Rubix CCM B2C customer contact services?

Any business that has a customer database and wants to treat those customers as valued and not forgotten.

If you have a small customer database this is not a problem, we can manage that for you. Contacting your existing customer database to promote your sales campaigns, special offers, creating customer awareness, regaining lapsed customers, database cleanse, booking appointments, and creating sales leads.

Hospitality, Hotels, B&B, Restaurants, Gyms and Health Clubs, Activity Centres, Dentists, Opticians, Festivals, Cleaning Companies, Airlines……the list is endless.

Rubix CCM...your voice to your customers…
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